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Ever wondered how champions in sports and life can rise to the challenge and thrive under pressure?

It's been proven by science that there are several factors they have in common that others who crash under pressure don't. But is it possible to rewire your thinking process even though you do not currently possess these traits?


(For all sports and in life.)

Gabriela Paz has a B.S in psychology with a concentration in sports and is certified as a National performance mental coach. She played tennis professionally, reaching a career-high of WTA 230 in the world and reaching the top 10ITF junior ranking, as well as achieving the finals of the US OPEN Jr. Gabriela has been dedicated to coaching for the past ten years and is the director of a private tennis academy in Hollywood Fl. She holds a PTR license and thorough experience in the mental and sports field.

She has helped countless athletes reach their professional and college goals, but most importantly, she has helped them find the root of their motivations, allowing them to find happiness, growth, and success in their sport. With her unique and modern system of rewiring negative mental habits with key techniques and strategies, she will get you to think like a champion.


"As an athlete who has been under extreme amounts of pressure, expectations and endured difficult hurdles along the way and still achieved success, I can without a doubt share some light in how to overcome fear, rise under pressure, and become resilient."


"Sports have become more demanding than ever and only the strongest mentally achieve success."

"It's not about whether you have "it" or you don't. It's about putting in the mental effort with the right mindset and getting better each day."

Mental Training for Athletes 

Sports psychology is a broad term used to describe the division of psychology related to the study of sport and exercise. Mental training is a more specific term used to describe the mental techniques necessary for consistent high performance. Mental training for athletes often includes goal setting, visualization, mental imagery, self-talk retraining, mind control training, emotion control, and in general, ways to establish true ideal thoughts, images, and emotions to enhance sports performance.


What to expect.


  • Develop a system that enables you to perform your best under pressure.

  • Learn how to be in the zone with imagery and confidence techniques. 

  • Overcome the fear that's not letting your instincts take over by thinking about the right things.

  • Trust your skills.

  • Learn how to have the mindset of a champion.

  • Achieve your full potential and earn results.

Mental Health

  • Overcome anxiety

  • Master your emotions under stress.

  • Discover the root of your fear and your real motivations.

  • Develop a positive support system.

  • Find confidence in who you are as a player and as a person.

  • Become resilient.

  • Find peace in your decisions.

  • Stay in the present and learn to enjoy competition.

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  • Consultation

  • One hr Sessions.

  • Half hr Sessions

  • 5 Session Package.


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