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"I can assure you that there are few coaches who will truly invest their time in the player's improvements, Gaby helped my game enormously for 2 years and I am so glad to have worked with her. Besides her professional experience she is also a great person"

Lauren Albanese- WTA #158

"Have worked with Gaby and Ramon on and off for the past 3 years and practice with them is always intense, they have always helped my game improve in every aspect"

Amanda Anisimova- WTA #140 & ITF #2 US OPEN CHAMPION

"Gaby made important technical changes in my game that has helped my game move forward, I have also improved my fitness stamina a lot!"

Alexandra Yepifanova- ITF #240

"Without Ramon's help I wouldn't have been able to accomplish my objectives. Besides his professional abilities he is a very honest guy who always tries to help you"

Jose Antonio Salazar- #1 Arkansas D1, ITF#128, ATP#851

“ I worked with Gaby for 2 full years, full time. I am so grateful for her help, patience and dedication in my tennis, it has really made an impact in my game and in my life"

Stephanie Sanchez- Girls 16's USTA TOP 100

" Gaby has improved my tennis game as well as my mental game enormously, I am so happy I've been able to work with her before leaving to College.

Chantal Martinez Blanco- University of Buffalo D1

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