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Lauren Albanese working on precision, depth in her shots and consistent repetition with coach Gaby Paz.

Alexandra Yepifanova working on "bounce hit", rhythm of the ball and taking it early with coach Paz.

Amanda Anisimova working on getting around the ball and getting the racquet ready quick with coach Ramon Gonzalez.

Amanda Anisimova working on staying low in her open stance running forehands with Coach Paz.

Chantal Martinez-Blanco working on getting around the ball on forehands and on running forehands pivot with coach Paz.

Andrea Gamiz from Venezuela working on down the line backhands with coach Gonzalez.

USTA High performance girls working on staying sideways with the ball in order to get maintain control with Coach Paz.

Danielle working on her net game with Coach Gaby Paz. Swing Volley-Volley-overhead. So important in order to close out points.

Tina wearing a backpack in order to shorten her forehand swing on the back. Big improvements. Working with Coach Paz.

Sandra working with coach Gonzalez in forehand contact point in a dynamic two shot drill.

Jessica working on her forehand shape and getting around balls quickly in order to get that spacing needed.

Timmy working on forehand fluidity and shape repetition with coach Ramon Gonzalez.

Magda working on reacting fast after the serve and loading on that right leg to generate power. 

Anthony having an intense practice at Vantage Tennis trying to reach and make every single ball.

Anais working in change of direction with Coach Paz. Trying to set open and close stances appropriately. 

Fefi working on control, repetition and a relaxed arm in every ball. 

Annika working on closed and open stances. So important to recognize which ball is closed and which is open.

Tim working on serve motion and placement with Coach Gonzalez. Getting that trophy position better everyday.

Dahlia from New Jersey working on forehand technique and repetition. Focusing and all strokes looking the same with Coach Paz.

Avril working on consistency with coach Paz. Intensity on court is a must.

Jane and Stephanie working on directionals. Understanding when to switch directions is crucial in points.

Sasha doing an intense leg workout off court for strength and explosion on court. 

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